In recent years, after the death of both of my parents within a year of each other, and with all efforts of continuing a conventional career path exhausted, I’ve determined that life is too short to not to do what you’re passionate about. So I re-committed myself to mastering the craft of screenwriting.

As a result, I’ve created a fine body of work of features, shorts and sketches (primarily in comedy) garnering an option offer on one of my features, a couple small contest wins; a commission to write for a corporate video campaign; and even a small part-time gig to moderate a screenwriting forum.

I started Storbang as a way for friends and family to support my creative work and help me along as my writing career gains momentum. Knowing the high-barrier to entry in Hollywood, the reality set in that waiting around for someone else to produce my material could take years. Instead, I’ll just have to produce it myself.

Starting with the shortest of sketches, through my short scripts, I plan to build momentum and scale up to eventually produce my first feature film. However, the grand vision is to evolve Storbang into a platform where aspiring filmmakers can collaborate with others to get their own material produced. More details about that to come.

For now, I’m looking for help on two fronts:

1. Producing My Own Material
I have several production-ready short film and comedy sketch scripts waiting to be shot. I just have to pull all the resources together, which is mostly assembling the talent and coordinating the shooting times and locations. I can edit the videos my self and they’ll be posted to my Storbang YouTube and Vimeo channels.

2. Growing My Writing Career
The best way for an un-produced writer to get noticed by the industry is by winning contests, but they cost money to enter, with fees often ranging from $50 to $85 or more.

One of my features, Lawn Boys, won a contest called the “Wildsound Festival for Comedy”. It was relatively inexpensive to enter, but the prize was a table reading by a cast of professional actors — no cash.

With your help, I can send Lawn Boys and other screenplays of mine to even more contests, and with each win or placing, I get that much closer to being produced, assigned a lucrative writing project, or landing representation.

Another writing expense is copyright and WGA registration. For a long list of scripts, these costs really add up. Your help will keep my material safe and secure from plagiarists!

And finally, to get material in the hands of industry professionals, there are numerous listing and pitching services I can sign up for, but they also often require a monthly or one-time fee. Your patronage will help cover those costs and other writing and marketing expenses.


I invite you to look over my projects and if one calls to you, please consider investing a financial contribution via the yellow button in the side bar. I am even open to your feedback, or if you’re really inspired, I could develop material based on your own ideas.

Thank you for your time and for believing in the power of collaboration!

Yours truly,

Steve Cleary

Learn more about me at my website.