Some Nice Words About a Short Thriller Script I Wrote

From Hamish Porter’s “Shootin’ the Shorts” Review on Script Revolution:

No Trespassing – You’ve Been Warned!

A beautiful tailored suit, a luxury car, and designer threads.

An overgrown lawn, a rusty barbecue, and a back door with a “foreclosure” sign on it.

The first set of items, to many, symbolize success in American society. The other, humiliation and failure.

Well, in No Trespassing, the humiliator has become the humiliated. Lips parched, eyes red, and his foot caught in an unbreakable bear trap, our sharply dressed banker cannot escape the green hell he helped to create.

Try as he might, his attempts to break free produce only screams. Screams that only he hears.

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“Devil’s Gulch” and “Wine Tasting” Sketches Find Director/Producer

A young filmmaker approached me about my collection of sketch comedy and has agreed to produce my “Wine Tasting” and “Devil’s Gulch” sketches. We’re still in the early stage of assembling a cast and crew, but we expect to begin production in the next few weeks.

I’ll provide more information, including an official announcement of the filmmaker attached, as the project progresses.

Steve Cleary Tapped to Write Screwball Comedy

A producer with a Academy Award-winning and commercially successful production team attached to his slate of projects has approached me to write a feature screwball comedy based on one of his concepts. Details about the project and the production team are under wraps for now, but the producer chose me due to the style of writing I put into “What’s the Big Idea?” as well as my “The Carol Burnett Show” style of writing sketch comedy.

The project is still in the early phases of development, but I’ll reveal more as things progress.